Strapping can be applied either manually or automatically.

Automatic application

The quality of the strapping is of essential importance in order to achieve optimal results using a strapping machine. The majority of our products are applied automatically.

Sekisui Jushi closely collaborates with the biggest manufacturers of strapping machines in the world, which ensures smooth automatic processing of our strapping.

You can use a standard strapping machine for strapping between 5 and 19 mm. We offer a wide variety of colour options >link to PP and PET strapping<. Upon request, we can also offer alternative dimensions.

Manual application

Manual application of strapping remains a popular and cost-efficient method of application. Sekisui Jushi specializes in developing high-quality manually applicable strapping.

This strapping, which is wound onto plastic reels or 200/190 cardboard coils, can be applied using plastic and metal buckles, as well as metal seals or friction-weld tools.

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