Printed strapping

You can print text and images onto your strapping. Printed Sekisui strapping is highly regarded throughout the world thanks to the high-quality printing and excellent readability. Sekisui Jushi prints both PP and PET strapping.

The strapping is also highly effective in boosting the visibility and recognizability of your company, logo, and information. You can print logos, text, and codes on your strapping such as EC approval numbers, product codes, or other data. This saves you a great deal of money on labelling and labour costs (application of extra labels).

Sekisui Jushi’s printing technique guarantees durable printing that will not fade over time. The prints can be applied every 5-20 cm. Printed PP strapping is only available for widths of 8 mm or above. You can choose from the following selection of standard printing colours: light blue, dark blue, forest green, red, and black. Upon request, we can also offer custom colours.

Thanks to a special gravure-printing method, the strapping is printed during the manufacturing process. The strapping is still hot and smooth upon exiting the extruder, at which point a steel gravure roller applies the appropriate print-work almost immediately. This provides exceptional colour depth. Subsequently, the strapping is then embossed to ensure the quality and fine details remain untarnished.

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