Standard range and customization

Sekisui Jushi provides a standard range of PP and PET strapping. Upon request, we can also provide PP and PET strapping with customized dimensions, colours and printing.

PP straps are offered in standard colours, including black, white, blue, and yellow.
As standard, the PET strapping comes in green, although it is also available in other colours such as black, white, blue, orange, and red.

PP strapping is available in widths of 5 mm and above. PET strapping varies in width from 9 to 15.5 mm. As standard, the strapping is sold in various coil lengths (depending on width and thickness) normally with 60 reels per pallet for PP and 48 coils for PET.

If the standard product range does not meet your needs, we can offer a customized product.
For example, you can have strapping manufactured in a range of colours or bearing your own company name and logo. You can also print custom text onto the strapping here.

A minimum order quantity applies to customized strapping. Sekisui Jushi would be happy to tell you more about these and many more options.

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